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Loan Products

Yukti Micro Finance Ltd . offers its clients various micro loans for income generating purposes and for individual loans ,as per the existing RBI guidlines . 

Following is the table detailing our loan products we offer : -

List of Loan Products


Mini Amount

Max Amt

Minimum Tenure


Interest Rate


Qualifying loans JLG - Income Generating 
1 year for loans upto 15000 and 2 years for the rest.
fortnightly/ monthly
26 % p.a. reducing
1% on loan amount
Non Qualifying Loan Micro Enterprise loan
2 year
24 % p.a. reducing
3% on loan amount
Dairy Development Loan
2 years
4 Months
18 % p.a. reducing
2% on loan amount

Income Generation Loan (IGL)
Group loans to women applies Joint Liability Group (JLG) model and lend to group of 3 to 10 women members primarily for income generation purpose.

Micro Enterprise Loan (MEL)
Micro enterprise loan is offered to those microfinance clients who belong to middle-income group and running micro-enterprises or having any other stable income source. This loan is delivered to individuals and primarily to borrowers who graduate to higher ticket sizes from group loans and have slightly higher economic well-being and have stable monthly cash-flows. This loan product helps us go up the value chain and also to provide support to our existing clients who have moved up the economic ladder. 

Dairy Development Loan (DDL)
Keeping in mind the welfare of small farmers, yukti Microfinance has introduced Dairy Development Loan. The main objective of this loan is to help the members purchase cattle and also support Cattle related activities such as cattle insurance, shed construction, cattle feed etc. The procedures to obtain
the loan have been made simple and repayment too is easy and convenient. 

Yukti Dairy Development Loan is primarily given to milk producers registered with yukti Clean Milk Private Limited. A loan amount of INR 40,000
to 100000 can be availed with a reducing interest rate of 18% p.a. The repayment frequency is fortnightly and the loan period is for two years.